Sullivan Studios: After Dark is the Boudoir Brand of Sullivan Studios. Please be sure to check out the website and follow our Boudoir Blog for more pictures and special deals and information.

What is Boudoir Photography?

A Boudoir is a ladies private bedroom or sitting room. Boudoir Photography is a sensual and glamorous style of photography that show cases a woman’s sexy side without being overly provocative. Boudoir sessions can range from fun and playful, to sultry and sensual. The amount of clothing you wear and the skin that you show is completely up to you and your comfort level. The goal is not to show, but to leave something to the imagination.

Who is Boudoir Photography For?

Traditionally, Boudoir albums, or Little Black Books, are presented to a new husband as a treat on his wedding night. However, these sessions can be for wives with a soldier overseas, a husband or a boyfriend on a next anniversary. Valentine’s day is a great time to get your special someone a little something special for the two of you to share.

Who will take my picture?

Michael is the resident Boudoir photographer for Sullivan Studios. We know that not everyone is comfortable taking their clothes off in front of just anyone, but rest assured that we offer a highly professional and comfortable environment. Boudoir Sessions can be shot in your home, in our studio, or in a nice hotel room or suite. It’s all about what makes your comfortable and makes you feel like the special and sexy goddess that you are.

How do I book a Boudoir Session?

Boudoir sessions are booked through a free in person consult where we will discuss what it is you are wanting to get out of your pictures, who they are for, and what kind of thematic elements you would like in your pictures. Just click the Contact Icon in the menu at the top of the screen.

What’s next?

The day of the shoot, why not treat yourself to a few hours at the spa getting pampered or getting a massage. Perhaps we can have a masseuse come meet you at the location. Professional Hair and Makeup is included in the price of your session, and we’ll make all the arrangements to have your stylist make you look your absolute most gorgeous on the day of your shoot. The shoots are designed to be laid back and stress free. We want you to feel gorgeous and sensual. Feel free to bring along a bottle of champagne or wine, or we can provide these for you upon request. Boudoir shoots require a two hour minimum.